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Blueprint to achieving your Goals

I had a nightmare last night. It went like this: I was at a recruitment industry event and saw a cocktail bar, so decided to have one and enjoyed it until I remembered that I was doing Dry July! Luckily I woke up and realised it was a dream. Funny how we even live our values in our dreams.The value I am alluding to here, is keeping your word. This seems such a fundamental and basic thing. Yet I remember many years ago when a consultant I had, said I had taught her much, but most importantly that your word is your bond.Doing Dry July made me realise that I was following a road map of how to implement change and achieve a goal, which is worth sharing:You must have a 'WHY' as this is what keeps you going when/if you waver. My "Why" was the pact I made with my sister Cecilia in Denmark. She would quit smoking in July and I would do Dry July to support her.I thought I would make it a bit more interesting by adding a BHAG ( Big Hairy Audacious Goal), which was that I would also raise $3000 for the Dry July Foundation which supports cancer patients. Yes I could have made it more modest, but where's the fun in that?Announce to the world what you are doing as this is an added level of accountability. Promises we make publicly are stronger than the ones we make it to ourselves.Enlist HELP; I asked people to support me by donating to my Dry July. You see once the first person (apart from myself) donated, which was Phil Isard ( Thank you Phil), I had to keep my word as my word really is my bond.Lastly but not least follow through; don't try, do!So the update on my BHAG is that I have raised $2,442 out of my $3000 target. So with 7 days to go, I still need $558. If you enjoyed this blueprint, please consider supporting my Dry July:

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