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2020 New Year’s message

2020: a more sombre New Year's post from my heart: Our beautiful country is on fire and today many are bracing for what could be the most dangerous day to date. As we are all connected to each other by 6 degrees of separation, these fires affect everyone. I am sure my feelings are no different to others who are watching this crisis unfold: fear, sadness, grief and eternal gratitude for the firefighters on the frontline. Fortunately we have someone like RFS Fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons show what strong and calm leadership looks like. Whilst I cannot fight fires, I can do what I do best to help. Because not doing anything makes me feel powerless and that does not help anyone at all. Coaching is all about taking action and I must model what I preach, so I will donate 10% of all workshops and coaching packages that are paid for in January to the RFS. Here are some dates for you: Temp Desk Masterclass: Sydney Feb 12 Melbourne Feb 26 Take your power back and lead where you can. Do what you can. DM me, if you want to combine donating and learning! Happy New Year, let's make it a good one!

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