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It’s not them, it’s you!

 Recruitment businesses have hired rookies at an "unprecedented" level to cope with this golden era of recruitment. And yes the rookies need training and development, but are you also training your leaders and yourself? If you do not, then you WILL have a revolving door of staff. Here are some leadership 101 skills for you to tick off:Authenticity; do you say one thing and do another?Belief; do you genuinely believe in the ability of the people you have hired? They can tell.Consistency; this is one of the BIG ones. Do you run hot and cold so they don't know which boss they are getting today?Favourites; if you have these, that also means someone is always on the outer.Loose lips; do you make under your breath sarcastic comments?Mixed signals; do you want to be their bestie and confuse them when you want to keep them accountable?Triggers; do you know yours? And how they affect how you lead your team?Which leadership skills will you commit to improving for the betterment of your team, business and bottomline in 2022?

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