Sophie Robertson

Sophie was born to parents from Shanghai, and grew up in Hong Kong, Denmark,
Canada and United States before coming to Australia in 1985. Sophie went to school in
Canada, United States and Denmark, where she attended the University of Copenhagen.
Since coming to Australia in 1985, Sophie has graduated from the Institute of Personnel
Consultants, now known as Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA). Sophie
is a current member of RSCA and holds the designation of Fellow RCSA.


In 2007 Sophie founded Younique Coaching, so she could spend more time with her two young boys. As Sophie’s husband had died from a sudden heart attack in 2004, Sophie instantly became a widow and a sole parent in one single afternoon.

This decision enabled Sophie to fully utilise her 18 years recruitment, leadership and training experience and expertise to benefit other recruiters and recruitment business owners to offer better service and thereby also bill more! Her mission is to raise the standard of the recruitment industry and as a result raise the perception of the industry in the wider business community.

On a personal level, Sophie has lived on 4 continents, speaks 3 languages and harnessed much hope and resilience throughout her life. Sophie has become stronger when faced with adversity and believes that all experiences are life lessons sent to challenge us and make us better people.

Career Highlights

  • Starting and growing a coaching and training business during and post GFC solely through word of mouth and her 100+ pro bono article contributions to
  • Promoted from Consultant to Branch Manager at a global recruitment company within 12 months, where Sophie ran the most profitable branch for 5 consecutive years out of 30 branches nationally. Sophie later joined a boutique recruitment firm and held various roles including General Manager and Business Development Director.
  • Sophie has recently published ‘Secrets to running a lucrative temp desk’, which is a Best Practice manual on how to run a successful and profitable temp desk. You can buy this book on the ‘Products’ page on this site.
  • Sophie’s opinions on career coaching matters have been sought by publications as diverse as The Sydney Morning Herald, marie claire & Body and Soul magazine.

Personal Highlights

  • Having two beautiful boys, going to ten different schools by the age of ten.
  • Surviving various challenges in life.
  • Being able to create a successful life and career in Australia on the opposite side of the world to Denmark.