Younique Mentoring

What is mentoring and what benefits are there in having a mentor?

Mentors will have extensive first-hand experience in the areas that they mentor in. When choosing a mentor, make sure they’ve walked successfully on the path you want to undertake.

A mentor’s role is to share their experiences and to be a sounding board for someone wanting to succeed in a similar area. This could be in having worked in a certain capacity e.g. as a Recruitment manager, a certain achievement e.g. being the most successful Business Development manager or achieving a defined short-term goal e.g. gaining a pay rise, promotion or similar. The mentoring often centers on the ‘how’ to achieve the desired goals.

Another useful way of benefiting from a mentor is to access their vast networks. E.g.if a mentor has worked successfully in recruitment for a number of years, then they will have useful contacts for people wanting to tread a similar path.

You may be someone wanting to meet other people who can guide you in your journey, so you may prefer to ask a mentor that you trust rather than rely on using a Google search. Most people prefer to deal with someone that has been recommended to them whether it be an accountant, payroll software supplier or any other service, they might be looking for. Tried and tested is a great benchmark to use.

Some areas that Sophie has experience and expertise in that she is available for mentoring in:

– Recruitment including but not limited to building a profitable temp desk to increase the value of your recruitment business

– Business Development including building successful business to business relationships that last

– Running an office or a business

– Public Speaking and influencing skills

– Defining and developing your Personal brand

– Writing, publishing and launching a book

– Getting that dream job/ Promotion

– Building confidence as a Professional Woman incl. how to be taken seriously


and so much more. If you would like to chat confidentially with Sophie about mentoring, call + 61 448 173 307 or email: