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A mentor’s role is to share their experiences and to be a sounding board for someone wanting to succeed in a similar area.


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Secrets To Running A Lucrative Temp Desk

Author: Sophie Robertson

In this comprehensive book full of real-life case studies and based on many years of personal experience and success, Sophie Robertson outlines the processes involved in running a highly lucrative temp desk, which will both strengthen your client relationships and ensure you become the employer of choice for top-quality temps.


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For when you want an external and different voice for your company conferences and events. Innovation comes from listening to and considering different view points. Avoid same think and safe think! Sophie uses storytelling to touch your heart as well as your brain, to make sense of things.

Sophie Robertson Perth Book Launch 2014 from Book Builders on Vimeo.

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Sophie’s mission is to raise the standard of the recruitment industry and the perception of recruiters in the wider business community by creating quality specialty resources for the industry. Whilst recruitment is a multi billion dollar industry, there are too few resources available. There is still a prevailing ‘sink or swim’ approach to whether consultants succeed!

Sophie’s book “Secrets to running a lucrative Temp Desk” has already been adopted into many recruitment companies as part of their induction into the business, the industry and most importantly to get temp consultants billing straight away. See Testimonials page.

Due to the overwhelming feedback on the efficacy of the book, Sophie has now created further resources to assist you with: Temporary & Permanent Recruitment, Leadership skills, Business Development, Account management and Time management skills. There are articles, videos and webinars to assist you to be the very best recruiter you can be! Don’t delay; subscribe today!


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