Coaching is about how to move forward and effect change:

  • Increasing awareness about yourself. We all have blind spots so it can be helpful for someone to hold a mirror up for you, so you can view what those blind spots might be and how they might be holding you back from truly living your potential. This is done by asking you questions as no one knows you better than you know yourself.
  • Decision making about what you wish to change or improve. Change is never easy, so here you get to reflect on whether you want to make a change and how that change might impact on your surroundings.
  • Taking action to make the change. This is the all-important step as without doing something different, nothing is likely to change. My job is to keep you accountable for the changes, you want to make. I will also act as your personal cheer squad to motivate you when you need it.

Coaching is about meeting you where YOU are, to make the changes you want to make, so you are more content at home, work or just in life in general.

Coaching deals with the present and the future. It is about what is possible rather than what happened before.

We may explore your mindset to see if this is what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. We know from Carol Dweck that a Growth mindset serves you whilst a Fixed one does not.

Today so many people call themselves ‘coach’. It’s worth asking if you are looking around for a coach if they have any coaching qualifications.

I have a Certificate VI in Coaching and have coached hundreds of people since 2007. The most important aspect to consider when choosing a Coach is whether you feel comfortable speaking with this person who will challenge your beliefs and thinking in a safe space where you can explore yourself.

Coaching is typically delivered over Zoom or phone. Face-to-face sessions can also be arranged.

If you have been wondering, if coaching is for you and you want to have an obligation free chat, contact Sophie

Coaching Packages

The coaching sessions do not expire and can be used when you need them provided there!s availability. I am available for unlimited email support in between sessions and will answer all emails within 24 hours unless I am travelling in which case it will be within 24 hours upon my return.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Coaching is a way of assisting you to be your best by uncovering what might be holding you back. This is done by asking you questions that might reveal any blind spots or areas to work on.

      Also check if they have a coaching qualification. I have a Certificate IV from the Institute of Life Coaching.

    • One of the most important aspects of choosing a coach is it needs to someone you are comfortable enough with that you can communicate in a completely honest manner. That it is someone you can trust.

    • First of all, do they want coaching? If not, it won’t work.

      Secondly it is a non – negotiable condition that I can tell the coachee that they can have confidential conversations with me that will not be repeated to you or anyone else.

    • If your company pays for a team member to have coaching, you will ( with their permission) be cc’ed into their coaching notes so you can support them in between coaching sessions. These will contain the action points that they agree to work on in between each coaching session.

    • Anyone who wants it and is wiling to do the work to improve themselves.

    • This depends on how pro-active you are in completing your action points. Sometimes people have a coach for years as new things crop up to work on.

    • You can choose from a number of coaching packages and the more sessions you buy, the bigger the bulk buy discount you get. call +61 448 173 307 to enquire.