Secrets To Running A Lucrative Temp Desk

Secrets To Running A Lucrative Temp Desk

Author: Sophie Robertson


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In this comprehensive book full of real-life case studies and based on many years of personal experience and success, Sophie Robertson outlines the processes involved in running a highly lucrative temp desk, which will both strengthen your client relationships and ensure you become the employer of choice for top-quality temps. Robertson explains why temp consulting is a completely different job to permanent consulting and answers all the questions you've always wanted to ask: • Why do some recruitment companies have thriving, money-spinning, loyalty-inducing, growing temp desks that shield and buffer them from economic downturn, while others simply don't seem to be able to grow their temp hours to a significant level? • What are the must-have qualities of a successful temp consultant? How do you supercharge your temp hours for financial and business success? • How must temp consultants adapt to stay relevant in the ever-evolving recruitment industry? • How do you add maximum value to your recruitment business when getting it ready for sale? Here is your chance to get a slice of the multi-billion dollar contingent workforce industry by knowing exactly what you need to do to be successful.


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