You may be a start up or an established company looking for particular expertise on your Board or you may want someone to bounce ideas off as running a business can be a lonely affair

A business owner needs to know about many things but it is impossible to be an expert at all aspects of running a business from recruitment, leadership, legal, marketing, compliance, financial, scaling, buying and selling etc. Sometimes it may feel like you are juggling many balls in the air or that you are building something that can fall over like a stack of dominos.

However there are a few ways you can acquire these skills via hiring, outsourcing or learning them.

The outsourcing and learning may be in the form of third party providers or you may choose to have advisors/ mentors for various aspects or projects. Advisory can be in the form of having a coach/mentor or you may choose to have an advisory board of SMEs who can guide you on your journey of growing and scaling your business.

Advisory boards take many forms and can be for a project in a pop up form or be an on-going function of helping you reach your business goals.

Let’s have a chat if you are:
  • Considering if an advisory board is right for your business
  • Wanting a short term SME team to help with a particular project e.g. scaling into other locations/sectors etc
  • Wanting someone to help you look at what skills you need for where your business is at
  • Wanting someone to bounce ideas off
  • Looking for recommendations on SMEs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Advisory can be offered on an one on one basis with e.g a business owner/director or to a group of many e.g. in an advisory board structure.

      Your board may be a pop up board with some sprint goals or it may be a more permanent board.

      I can also assist with meeting an advisory board up for you or help you analyse whether you need an advisory board.

    • I hold a Certified Chair qualification from the Advisory Board Centre

    • This can cover a range of topics e.g. but not limited to:

      • Growing a profitable recruitment business
      • Growing a team
      • Setting up an on-hire ( temp/contract) business
      • Business Development
      • Leadership

      If you are unsure if I am the right person, get in touch and we can chat about what you want to achieve as I am very good at referring you to the right person, if there is someone I know that is better for what you need.